ALEXIOS savoury


ALEXIOS – a hearty greeting seasoned with
a hint of exotic desire - simply delicious!


Turn your lunch, dinner or barbecue with friends into a Greek experience! Serve ALEXIOS tzatziki with its fresh cream yoghurt base as an accompaniment to meat and vegetables and you can be sure of getting the seasoning right. Our gyros and feta creams taste fantastic on white bread, as well as adding the perfect finishing touch to your own creations!


A culinary trip south...



Available soon!



NEW – ALEXIOS Gyros to Snack –

Do you feel hungry? Roasted pork gyros style with white cabbage, paprika and cucumber in creamy yoghurt. For immediate pleasure: in the lid of the the 150g cup is a fork included, enjoy greek style!



TZATZIKI with crisp cucumber
and spicy garlic

Tangy ALEXIOS tzatziki made with fresh cream yoghurt is ideal for barbecue dishes. Try our creamy aromatic ALEXIOS tzatziki and taste the difference!







ALEXIOS feta creams & gyros cream –
available soon!

ALEXIOS Mediterranean creams in a 200g pot are superb for spreading on bread, especially white bread, or as a dip or side dish. In shops soon – you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Delicious recipes for holiday delights at home!

Every day our friend ALEXIOS has a new surprise in store for us! We are constantly developing new varieties made in the authentic Greek style and finely seasoned – and we don’t want our ALEXIOS fans to miss them. Discover the world of ALEXIOS Greek-style products and enjoy your personal holiday treat!



Made in Germany to Greek recipes

We all know the feeling! The holidays are barely over and you already find yourself missing those wonderful holiday experiences! It’s a good thing we have ALEXIOS to help us dish up the culinary treats of his native land. Pure enjoyment – made with love and German dairy quality … has you in the holiday mood in no time.


Bon appétit!


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