Indulgence in every form: Creative variety for modern articles

Our product range covers a wide variety of needs and offers a broad selection of packaging formats and sizes. This diversity enables us to fulfil individual wishes and meet the demands of the modern market. Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to developing innovations that impress both in terms of quality and appearance. 

Products from Elsdorf arranged together: Yoghurt, creams, dips

Product variety to savour

Customised trend products

  • Fresh, refined dairy products: e.g. quark, cream cheese, fruit and natural yoghurt, desserts, herb quark, tzatziki, sour cream 
  • Delicious, fresh delicatessen items: e.g. dressings, sauces, dips Variations of sliced cheese in one piece 
  • Shelf-stable UHT products, e.g. drinks in tetrapacks or longer-life sauces in stand-up pouches and, of course, many plant-based products such as vegan yoghurts, puddings, dips and dressings

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Packaging variety

Creative packaging solutions

From 60g tubs to 10kg buckets, everything is possible: modern production lines for dairies and delicatessens enable flexible packaging realisations and cover both large and small volumes.

We offer a wide range of packaging options. Here is a small selection of our packaging options:

  • Round or square cups 
  • Multipack and thermoforming cups 
  • Bucket 
  • Stand-up pouch 
  • Tubular bag 
  • PP bottles for delicatessen products 
  • Tetra-Packs (Schl├╝chtern site)
little girl eats yoghurt

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