Chocolate Sprinkles

    Quark with crispy chocolate sprinkles in dome cover




    4 delicate varieties!


    Greek enjoyment

    Greek style specialities from natural to sweet and even savoury!
    Fantastikkakis tastikkis!




    Fruit yoghurt for the whole family!

    In the lavours strawberry, stracciatella, peach & passion fruit and vanilla.

  • Perfect potato partner

    Superb for baked and cooked potato or wedges!



    Spicy Zaziki

    Creamy Zaziki in a 500g cup with spicy garlic and crisp cucumber.




    Quark enjoyment!

    With Elsdorfer Fruit Pleasure Orange, Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry.





    Fruity Quark dessert

    Discover our 5 delicious fruit quark varieties:

    Strawberry, cherry, stracciatella, zabaglione & banana.




    Refined with fresh yoghurt!

    Delicious Quarkcream mix in a 450g cup




    Fun for Kids with Mini mooh !

    The popular Quetschis in 3 delicious varieties.




    Our classic

    40 years herb quark experience. The best quality and igredients.

    Taste it!




    Mini mooh also for spoons

    The fruity mini mooh there is also the cup,
    as a practical set of 4.


    Cereals To Go!

    The new breakfast To Go!

    So clever – so yummie!



Try quality products from Elsdorf!


Over 100 years of dairy tradition and fresh specialities from our fine food production.
Try our delicious products from Elsdorf!


Creamy quark-yoghurt creme natural or with rasberry, vanilla, lemon or orange. MyQ: your Fitness-Quark!



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Treat your taste buds with greek enjoyment  

The Greek style specialities of ALEXIOS from natural, over sweet to savoury are perfect for every occasion. Try for example the natural Greek Style Yoghurt with 10 % fat in the 1kg bucket or 200g cup.



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For the whole family

Fruit yoghurt 1kg in 4 delicious varieties!

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Specialized in Soft Serve

Frozen Yogurt, Milkshakes, Soft Serve...
We offer you customized solutions!
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Pure pleasure Savoury Quarks

Mango-Curry, Cherrytomato-Basil, 

7 Herbs and Ginger-Chili.

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Our smooth cream yoghurts are here!
Simply divine!
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ALEXIOS cream yoghurts – with honey,
orange-honey, walnut-honey or fig
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Tasty Gyros to Snack!
With spicy pork:
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The Mini mooh timetable. Click here to download